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SINIYUMANGANYA choir to continue the Gospel

Written by: Daniel Tuyizere
Tuesday, December 20th, 2016, 6:45

The spread of Gospel continues to be the main purpose of Siniyumanganya Choir; the Gospel choir located in ADEPR church, Ruhango District. It was founded in 1986 by five members at Buhoro chapel, ADEPR Ruhango and has grown to 121gospel singers. 


Along the journey of spreading the gospel, the choir has contributed in various ways to the church. Currently, Siniyumanganya is building the ADEPR church at Ruhango parish through different concerts and contributions and were part contributors in the construction of Dove Hotel which is owned by ADEPR.


Siniyumanganya Choir on December 18th 2016 launched a gospel album at an event in Ruhango and celebrated the milestone.


Justin Sekamana, the choir president, said that it was a great moment to have people from different parts of the country coming to support the Choir in worshiping and praising God while they launched their album since their first calling is to spread the Gospel so that people could repent and be saved. 


Gospel Albums


With various challenges following the genocide against the Tutsi, Siniyumanganya choir became part of nation building through music and gospel, launching its first audio album in 2,000 titled “Siniyumanganya” and later on in 2008 released, “Watubeshejeho”. Now they have launched its third album and it’s their first audio visual album.


Hundreds of gospel music fans and Christians from across the country were treated to memorable launch in Ruhango as Siniyumanganya Choir launched their third album titled “Mfata Ukuboko” which is made of 10 songs.

1.    Warakoze
2.    Uba mu bwihisho
3.    Nizeye Umusaraba
4.    Siyoni
5.    Iyo ndi mu bibazo
6.    Ku iriba
7.    Iririmbire
8.    Umunsi w’amakuba
9.    Mfata ukuboko
10.    Uko niko bizaba


This album is composed of three parts, the first part comprises of songs for praising and thanking God for what he has done for them, the second part are songs for preaching the Gospel and the last one is made up of songs of hope to people’s hearts. 


Siniyumanganya choir will continue to spread the Gospel in the country and outside as they plan to have two different journeys in Uganda and Kenya next year. The Choir plans to have more albums as a way of spreading the gospel to reach out to many people. 



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