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Rwanda to tackle wildlife trafficking

Written by: Joseph Mudingu
Friday, September 2nd, 2016, 5:53

Kigali: The Chief Tourism Officer at Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Belise Kaliza says Rwanda will not relent in tackling wildlife trafficking of whatever form and other converging threats. 


Kaliza made these comments during the 2nd Conversation on Conservation Conference held in Kigali as one of the build-up activities towards the 12th Kwita Izina ceremony to be held in Kinigi, Musanze District on 2nd September 2016.


Participants of the 2nd Conversation on Conservation pledged to defeat buyers of trafficked wild life body parts as a way of curtailing poaching likely to result into eventual decimation of iconic fauna species.


“There is no poaching in Rwanda. Rwanda is being used as a transit route to felly these wildlife body parts to other destinations that’s why we confiscate and burn all the parts to discourage the bad habit” noted Kaliza.


Asian countries are known as major markets of wildlife body parts such as ivory and unprocessed leather among others.


A report from Rwanda police indicates that some people use Rwanda as a transit route.


The Inspector General of Police, Emmanuel Gasana said that recently police seized 168 kilograms of elephant tusks from seven foreigners who collaborated had with seven Rwandans.

Rwanda, at the beginning of August 2016 burnt 150 kilograms of elephant tusks and arms seized from poachers in Nyungwe National Park as a way of discouraging illegal wildlife trafficking.


Tusks of Rhinos, elephants; teeth and bones of Black Panther are among expensive products in illegal wildlife trafficking. Illegal wildlife trafficking is ranked 4th World’s illegal trade after arms trafficking, drugs and human trafficking.



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