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Premier inaugurates ADEPR’s new hotel complex

Written by: Our Reporter
Sunday, February 5th, 2017, 6:30

Kigali: Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi on Saturday inaugurated Dove Hotel in Gisozi, a hotel project constructed by the Pentecostal Church of Rwanda, commonly known as ADEPR.


The completion of this grand hotel complex by ADEPR Church will boost hospitality sector, the Premier told officials from government, the Church and Christians attending the ceremony.


Dove Hotel was built in Gisozi, Gasabo District of Kigali City through contributions of ADEPR Church members. The new facility houses a hotel, a big conference hall and offices built at a tune of over five billion Rwandan francs.


Speaking on Saturday during the official inauguration, the Prime Minister said, Dove Hotel will strengthen tourism in Rwanda with good services that will be delivered in accordance with the country's objectives. This goal will be achieved if members of the ADPR Church are united as one.


Bishop Jean Sibomana, the head of ADEPR said that Dove Hotel will boost service industry and support church communities to raise their standards of living. There is much anticipated impact from the hotel complex.


ADEPR invested in the hotel as an autonomous business venture aspiring to generate incomes from hotel services to raise the church’s economic growth and sustainability. 


Dove Hotel business plan was first designed in 2008, and later the project was executed fully funded by contributions of church members. The project was exclusively completed with no single foreign support.


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