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Kigali City elects new Mayor

Written by: Our Reporter
Friday, February 17th, 2017, 14:09

Nyamurinda Pascal has been elected as the new Mayor of the City of Kigali following a landslide victory over his challenger, Umuhoza Aurore.


The new Mayor was elected after the outgoing city Mayor, Monique Mukaruliza was appointed Rwanda’s ambassador to Zambia nearly a year into the position that she held from February 2016.


Nyamurinda won the election with 161 votes while his competitor got 35 votes, the new Mayor was right away sworn-in at the town hall.

The new Mayor was working until recently as the Director General of the National Identification Agency (NIDA).


The newly elected mayor is the eighth Mayor of Kigali City since 1994, the first was Rose Kabuye (1994 - 1997), Musoni Protais (1997 - 1999), Marc Kabandana (1999 - 2001), Théoneste Mutsindashyaka (2001 - 2006), Dr Aissa Kirabo Kacyira (2006 - 2011), Fidèle Ndayisaba (2011 - 2016) and Mukaruliza Monique (2016-2017).



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