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Remera-Rukoma hospital acquires brand new ambulances

Written by: Steven Nsamaza
Wednesday, March 1st, 2017, 15:57

Kamonyi: Remera Rukoma Hospital in the southern District of Kamonyi has received three brand new ambulances purchased by the district with funds from the ministry of Health to strengthen the referral system and improve access to emergency health services.


The Director of Remera Rukoma Hospital, Dr Jaribu Theogene said, the new ambulances given to the hospital are going to reduce on the waiting time and improve services provided mostly in the emergency department.


“The arrival of new ambulances will expedite our work while transferring patients,” said Dr Jaribu after receiving the three vehicles at the hospital.


Our fleet of ambulances is growing, we now own eight ambulances in Kamonyi District, two at the hospital, three owned by health centres and the three brand new ambulances just delivered at the hospital.


According to the Dr Jaribu, the delay in responding to emergencies will greatly be reduced since the vehicles will be able to transverse to different health centres. However, there is still a gap and the hospital authority wishes to have at least an ambulance for every health centre in the district.


As the only hospital in the whole district, Remera Rukoma oversees and operates as a referral to 13 health centres spread across Kamonyi serving a population of about 340,000. The hospital has inpatient wards for Internal Medicine, Maternal Health, Pediatrics, Neonatology, Post-Surgical patients, and a small Emergency ward. The hospital also offers outpatient services including an HIV and TB clinic.



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