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BK sponsors leadership training to accelerate Rwanda’s transformation

Written by: George Kalisa
Sunday, May 14th, 2017, 18:48

Ms. Diane Karusisi, CEO of Bank of Kigali (BK) has said that leaders across all sectors need to acquire leadership recipes. Karusisi attributed the high pace of the Rwanda’s transformation to good leadership exhibited by the people in political positions.


“We all now know that it is basically good leadership that Rwanda has been able to transform on all fronts,” Karusisi said.


Ms. Karusisi said that the transformation of the country is a collective duty for all Rwandans in their different fields and not limited to politicians.


“Everyone needs leadership recipes to fast-track sustainable development and we cannot afford to leave this role to the politicians only,” Karusisi observed. The banker was addressing a parallel press conference at Kigali Serena Hotel during a recent two day leadership training.


She emphasized the need for the media to sensitize Rwandans on how crucial it is for leaders to build character – integrity, honest and respect for others as a main pillar of good leadership


Karusisi noted that her 50 year banking institution realizes the role of good leadership in development a reason why it decided to co-sponsor the training for the top leadership of BK and all leaders of corporate organization in the country. The other sponsors are Kigali Serena Hotel and Chamber of Housing Entrepreneurs.


The minister of Youth and ICT, Jean Philbert Nsengimana while officiating at the leadership training extended gratitude to Steven R. Shallenberger for having introduced a results-based leadership training programme in Rwanda. Shallenberger is the consultant who trained senior bankers and heads of corporate organizations.


Minister Nsengimana called on Rwandans to utilize the knowledge and all opportunities exposed to them in the pursuit of the country’s development.


“We thank Mr. Steven so much for the donation of a 1,000 books to Rwanda and we encourage everyone particularly the youth to make use of this book,” said Nsengimana.


In his book entitled “Becoming Your Best” which Steven says he wrote it after 40 years of success research there is a common denominator that is found in successful people and organizations.


Shallenberger said Rwandans are people on the move who needed to create a culture based on proven principles.


“You eithercreate a culture by design or by default, but as people on the move there are 12 principles I call ‘Guiding Constants’ in the book that can ignite individuals and organizations to perform to their best. Rwandans can access the book through the ministry of Youth and ICT.



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