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Pan African Movt goes to Kanombe sector

Written by: George Kalisa
Monday, June 19th, 2017, 11:42

The Pan African Movement and Unity and Reconciliation platforms were on Sunday launched in the capital, Kigali with messages calling on over 50,000 residents in Kanombe sector and Rwandans at large to love their country as a blueprint for appreciating the inherent rights and integrity of Africans.


Mr. Denis Polisi, a staunch Pan Africanist in charge of politics and good governance in Rwanda told Kanombe leaders that the West used civil society organizations, the media and donations to advance their interests - plundering of African resources included.


“To date, they have not returned the resources they stole from Africa,” Polisi charged. Polisi underlined the baselines to gaining total liberation of Africans, “African’s exploitators [imperialists] will not give our rights on a silver platter and there is no option for us to beg them. Sustainable conversations should be directed towards sustainable unity, integration, stability and security and economic independence of Africans.”  


During a parallel press conference Ms. Grace M. Kabayo, the Executive Secretary of Pan-African Women’s organization [Eastern Africa Region], the chief guest lauded President Paul Kagame for his undying commitment to mobilize other African leaders to denounce donations syndrome.  President Kagame, who is the patron of the Pan African movement –Rwanda heads the team tasked to implement the African Union reforms, Africa’s economic independence being high on the agenda.   


Uganda’s Kabayo said Africans have to dictate the terms and conditions that lead to win-win negotiations with other continents, adding that the revival of the African spirit – relinquished after nations had gained independence, in favour of national interests, calls for change of mindset.


“It is absurd that nationalism in the post-independence era promoted national interests at the cost of the Pan African movement. This is the era of revival of the African spirit to ardently defend and protect our rights and interests currently at stake as Africans,” Kabayo observed.


“There is need to change mindset and enhance Africa’s solidarity to share problems as brothers and sisters. The solidarity was strong during the liberation struggles but it was later compromised with individual national interests,” she noted.


Kabayo remarked that the revival called for cross-cutting involvement for it has several fronts. She stressed that it was why they were currently heightening awareness on Pan African movement to have every African on board.


Ms Nirera Marie Rose, Kanombe Executive Secretary and host said the launch of the platforms was a breakthrough in the struggles to have sustainable unity and reconciliation and having Rwandans appreciate the cause of the Pan African movement. Kanombe is the first sector country-wide to take the Pan African cause down to the residents with a plan in the offing to have it reach the cells and villages.


“We have structures involving all interest groups at the sector level that will act as conduits through which the message will reach the grassroots,” Nirera noted.


She was flanked with Mr Makaye Musoni Aloysious, the Chairperson of the Pan African Movement, youth commissioner [Pan African Movement], Karangwa Augustin and other committee members.


Participants included past and present sector leaders, religious, women and youth leaders, councilors, educationists and people with disabilities.






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