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Platform for combating unwanted pregnancies launched

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Monday, October 16th, 2017, 12:00

Imbuto Foundation in partnership with Rwanda’s Health Ministry launched a mobile platform dubbed ‘Mobile for Reproductive Health (M4RH) program’ which is intended to benefit the youth by increasing access to sexual and reproductive health information through short messages on cell phones.


While launching this platform on this Saturday in Rubavu District, the Director General of Imbuto Foundation, Sandrine Umutoni noted that M4RH is a pilot aimed at sensitising the youth between 16 and 24 to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases.


She added that M4RH provides accurate information on sexual reproductive issues to young people through text messages sent to their cell phones. The information will reach a big audience initially targeting about 100,000 subscribers.


Umutoni noted that it permits anyone receiving the sms to sit together with others, read and discuss the information which leads to better understanding of the reproductive health issues.


Statistics from the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion shows that 17,500 girls in the 16-19 age bracket got premature pregnancies in 2016.


Josiane Ingabire, a student from University of Tourism, Rubavu campus emphasised that this platform is very useful as reproductive health issues are hard to understand when not educated about them. “It will help youth understand well how to behave in order to fight against unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases,” observed Ingabire.


The State Minister of Health, Dr. Patrick Ndimubanzi also said that this platform will help youth get clear information on reproductive health.


“This is a platform that will help youth have access to real reproductive health information that will help them choose the best way to prevent different problems including unwanted pregnancies and sexual transmitted diseases.”


The messages by M4RH include information about puberty, sex and pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, HIV and sexually transmitted infections.


The M4RH platform in Rwanda also will include a database of youth-friendly services and stories that model positive sexual and reproductive health behaviours.


Health content is tailored and field tested to ensure that the messages and delivery format are clear, relevant and engaging to the youth.


In order to receive the messages, it requires a person to subscribe using his sim card by replying to the sms of Imbuto requesting to subscribe in order to receive different reproductive health messages.



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