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Uganda and Rwanda meet to mend relations

Written by: Our Reporter
Saturday, January 6th, 2018, 14:25

Rwanda’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo, twitted that Uganda’s President, Yoweri  Museveni sent a message to President Paul Kagame through his Foreign Affairs minister Sam Kuteesa which he delivered during a diplomatic trip aimed at mending bilateral relations between the two neighbours.


Mushikiwabo said that the meeting between President Paul Kagame discussed the repeated arrests and disappearances of Rwandans in neighbouring Uganda, saying the situation had caused tensions between the two east African countries.


She said her government’s intervention to repair the diminishing bilateral relations between Rwanda and Uganda follows a petition by Rwandans whose family members are still detained in Uganda.    


 “Also discussed, and linked to regional integration, was the state of bilateral relations, including continuing arrests and disappearances of citizens in causing tension, and many Rwandan families to petition their government to intervene for their loved ones,” said Mushikiwabo.


Mushikiwabo has said that President Kagame during this meeting pushed for a win-win situation for the East African nations’ integration to succeed.


“President Kagame today received my Ugandan counterpart, Sam Kutesa, with a message from President Museveni a good discussion mainly on integration. President Kagame stressed that for integration to be successful, there has to be something for everybody, all partners must win” said Mushikiwabo.


Uganda had previously made headlines for arresting, detaining and torturing Rwandans, acts which the Rwandan government protested through a diplomatic notice on December 12.


About six Rwandans who have been deported by Ugandan authorities under unclear circumstances have narrated to local media heart-rending stories of torture by Ugandan intelligence, including tantalizing them with electric shocks and blindfolding for two weeks and had been kept incommunicado in ungazetted places.  


Fidele Gatsinzi, 50, was the first Rwandan national to be deported on December 22, 2017 groaning in pain and confined to a wheelchair with swollen feet and visibly suffering from severe trauma. He had been arrested on December 9, 2017.


On the eve of New Year’s Day Uganda allegedly deported 72 Rwandans accusing them of illegal stay in the country.


The same night 24, some of whom are Rwandans were arrested and detained in Uganda on terrorism charges.  



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