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Minister highlights safeguards against food insecurity

Written by: Daniel Tuyizere
Friday, January 26th, 2018, 7:49

Dr. Geraldine Mukeshimana, Rwanda’s Minister for Agriculture and Animal Resources, said on Wednesday that much as her government had sufficient food reserves to guarantee food security for its people during droughts, farmers needed to use food sparing in good seasons.


Dr. Mukeshimana said that with the experience of recurrent threats of climate change farmers should keep part of the harvest in season 2018 A to mitigate effects of climate change such as food shortages due to poor harvests.


“I advise farmers countrywide to keep food for the next season since they will have a surplus this being a season anticipated to be good, with good harvest,” observed Dr. Mukeshimana.


“The government has enough food reserves to protect Rwandans in the event of long dry spells,” she added.


She underscored that the farmers have got enough rains and farm inputs like industrial fertilisers and seeds, which is basis for the ministry to predict a good harvest in the first season this year. 


The minister called on local leaders to continue cooperating with the ministry to raise awareness of need to utilise the facilities in their reach to preserve and keep food in order to keep food insecurity at bay in the case of a poor season.  


She was optimistic that the farmers’ cooperatives will support the local leaders in mobilizing communitieson need for sustainable food security by encouraging them to put in place basic infrastructures critical to preservation and storage of food.





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