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Africa needs permanent seats on UN Security Council

Written by: Our Reporter
Friday, February 23rd, 2018, 6:20

President Paul Kagame said that there is need for a permanent African voice on the UN Security Council during a press conference in Kigali which he co-chaired with his Zambian counterpart Edgar Lungu.


“It should have been the case but as we know things don’t work the way we want. There are ongoing discussions as to how the council can be reformed and part of that being inclusion of the African voice,” said Kagame.


He emphasized that the formula of representation should be solved by Africans but what was paramount was to have the seats first.


“The discussion continues and many views continue to come up. What is important is to know that certain seats are permanently for Africa and how to rotate them depends on us,” added Kagame.


On refugees Kagame said the refugee situation can only improve if stakeholders choose to do the right thing.


“Rwanda has been in discussion with different countries and partners and as long as the environment allows for this discussion to be properly managed, the refugee situation will get better with time,” added Kagame.


Concerning the cessation clause that took effect on December 31, 2017 which says all Rwandan refugees who fled the country between 1959 and 1998 should no longer be awarded a refugee status, Kagame said refugee status has never been permanent.


“The whole idea is not to make a refugee seat a permanent one. We can’t keep producing and having refugees as an end in itself,” Kagame said.


He attacked the West for having exploited the African continent.


“There is a lot we can achieve from cooperation between our two countries. Africa has been take advantage of by others for quite sometimes and it is time we wake up and do justice to our continent,” he said.


Kagame wondered why Africa was still underdeveloped in spite of enormous resources.


“My thinking is to do whatever is humanly possible together with other African leaders to bring progress and development in our continent, we are so behind as a continent and it’s a shame that Africa has everything it needs to be where we want to be but we are still far from achieving that,” he said.



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