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Rwanda seeks to improve agricultural output

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, 10:35

Prime Minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente has reiterated the government’s commitment to raise agriculture production by mitigating challenges to Rwanda’s biggest employer. The Premier made the remarks while addressing a joint session of members of Parliament and Senate on Tuesday.


In his presentation, he outlined the current agriculture position in the economy and livelihood vis-à-vis the country targets, strategies to transform the agriculture sector in light of the National Transformation Strategy (NST 1), challenges that this sector is facing and strategies to overcome them.


Speaking about the contribution of agriculture and livestock to Rwanda’s economy, Prime Minister said: “Agriculture and farming occupy 31% of the Gross Domestic Products in Rwanda and for the last 7 years agriculture and livestock products increased at 5.3% and it also employs 65.8 per cent of the working population in the country.”


On transforming the agriculture sector, the Premier presented different Government strategies that include: strengthening agricultural research; skills development; land use consolidation and land husbandry; intensifying the usage of improved seeds and fertilizers for CIP and export crops; strengthening extension services; irrigation and mechanization; genetic improvement, animal health and feeds; postharvest management, market linkages and agro processing; financing; private sector engagement and food prices regulations.



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