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Global tourism summit recognises Rwanda

Written by: Our Reporter
Friday, April 20th, 2018, 5:50

The World Tours and Tourism Council (WTTC) presented Rwanda’s Prime Minister Dr. Edouard Ngirente with the Global Tourism Leadership Award recognizing the country for its efforts and exceptional commitment to sustainable growth of travel and tourism.


The Premier tweeted that he was honoured to represent President Kagame at the Global Summit of the World Travel and Tourism Council in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Rwanda was recipient of the inaugural Global Leadership Award.


“Tourism is core to Rwanda’s development and has become the leading source of foreign exchange earnings with an annual average growth of 11% over a five-year period,” the Premier told the gathering.


He underlined the role of tourism in the country’s development and stated that the award is a renewed energy to do more in conservation, travel and tourism.


“Much of the world has heard about Rwanda, but mostly about its troubled history. In 1994, it was the setting for one of the worst genocides in our lifetime. But since then the country has gone from bordering on a failed state and a real-world cemetery to one of the most remarkably transformed countries in Africa, if not the world,” Gloria Guevara WTTC President & CEO said.


The WTTC Global Leadership Award will be an annual award which recognises countries which have not only prioritised travel & tourism but have put sustainability at the heart of the sector’s development.



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