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Kenyan President says looters’ days are numbered

Written by: George Kalisa
Friday, November 16th, 2018, 12:40

President Uhuru Kenyatta November16, said that his government had not yet lost the battle of recovering billions of money lost to looters who were managing the 54-year old state paramilitary institute also known as Kenya Youth Service (KYS).


“No individual will get away with embezzling public resources. Everyone who has pocketed funds meant for empowering our young men and women at the NYS must be held accountable. We have invested for the development of this nation, not for self-gain,” said Uhuru.


The Kenyan leader was presiding over the passing out of about 16,400 youth in the country’s fourth largest county of Nakuru after Nairobi, Kakamega and Kiambu.

“We shall ensure that all those who have looted resources meant for the youth pay the price and the money recovered. We cannot and will not allow this to continue," said President Uhuru.


The leader of the strongest East African economy said that empowering the youth was the responsibility of the government and not a favour, stressing that the role of NYS in Kenya’s progress cannot be undermined.


“We do not champion the cause of youth opportunity and hope as a favour to them, but rather as the necessary, undeniable, embrace of our collective future. That’s why we’re called to give each of our children the chance to make the most of their talents,” said Uhuru.


Over 50, 000 Kenyans have trained at the NYS over the years and have immensely contributed to national building through involvement in key areas including construction, agriculture, public security, disaster and humanitarian relief responses.


The Kenyan government is implementing a raft of measures including the NYS Bill 2018 aiming to repositioning this institution that had been severely crippled by greedy leaders to deliver on its mandate with a high sense of integrity.


Uhuru who got his second term after winning a repeat presidential election last year has since unleashed wrath at the thieving leaders including high profile officials in the judiciary.

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