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DRC Court thumbs up Tshisekendi’s victory in disputed Presidential election

Written by: George Kalisa
Sunday, January 20th, 2019, 6:45

The Congolese Constitutional Court has today confirmed opposition leader Felix Tshisekendi winner of the December 30 disputed Presidential election after another opposition leader Martin Fayulu had appealed to it claiming that he had won by some 61 per cent of the vote.


Fayulu who is reportedly backed by the Congolese Catholic Church and flag bearer of the opposition coalition told reporters today that the Court’s ruling is a confirmation of the remote control by Kabila’s entrenched dictatorial machinations.   


He had earlier alleged that Kabila’s ruling party struck a deal with Tshisekendi that may see DRC’s next government embrace power sharing.

“The constitutional court has just confirmed that it serves a dictatorial regime ... by validating false results - a constitutional coup d’etat,” Fayulu said in a statement.


Fayulu has appealled to the international community to not recognize Tshisekendi as legitimate President of the Congolese people.  


“I ask the entire international community not to recognise a power that has neither legitimacy nor legal standing to represent the Congolese people […],” he said.


But Tshisekedi welcomed the decision of the Constitution Court to confirm the election results announced last week by the country’s independent electoral body (CENI) saying it was victory of the Congolese people.


 “It is Congo that won,” he said, speaking to his supporters. “It is not the victory of one camp against another. I am engaged in a campaign to reconcile all Congolese ... The Congo that we are going to form will not be a Congo of division, hatred or tribalism. It will be a reconciled Congo, a strong Congo that will be focused on development, peace and security.”


Meanwhile, a high level African Union (AU) delegation is scheduled to have conversations with DRC stakeholders on January 21 in politics to allay looming post-election violence that could be fueled by the today’s ruling of the Constitutional Court.


Also, AU had called for the holdup of the release of the final election result a decision which the DRC authorities rebuked saying the country would not accept foreigners and AU meddling and/or interfere in the internal affairs of the Congolese people.


“I do not think there is anyone who has the right to dictate to the court what to do,” said Information Minister Lambert Mende during a press conference in Kinshasa shortly after AU had released a statement that confirms AU decision to pave way for peace.


President Kabila’s 18-year rule was characterized by political unrest and insecurity especially in the eastern region.


The Catholic Church in DRC which deployed some 40,000 election observers countrywide had said they it knew the real winner, stressing that its tally could was in total disagreement with the result released by CENI.


The diplomats in the mineral rich African nation had insinuated that Fayulu was the winner.


Meanwhile congratulatory messages are streaming with SADC and Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza being in the first ones.  


"We further congratulate the people of DRC, the political leadership, and all stakeholders in the country for conducting the elections in a peaceful manner despite the security & logistical challenges". SADC congratulates the President elect   


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