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The fighting spirit is alive in us - Kagame

Written by: Ernest Nyetera and George Kalisa
Sunday, April 7th, 2019, 3:00

President Paul Kagame has reiterated Rwandan people’s determination to defend the small east African nation’s achievements of security, unity, reconciliation and economic progress and echoed a warning to whoever wants to destabilize his country to be ready for the worst consequences.  


Kagame blamed the West over indifference when the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi which claimed more than one million Tutsis and moderate Hutus happened much as he thanked those who bothered to call on the world to stop genocide, mentioning the Belgian and Senegalese peacekeepers.


“For those from here or from outside who think our country has not seen enough of a mess and want to mess with us, in defense of those children you saw and our nation, I want to say, we will mess up with them big time,” said President Kagame.  


“We are far better Rwandans than we were. But we can be even better still. We are the last people in the world who should succumb to complacency. The suffering we have endured should be enough to keep our fighting spirit alive,” said Kagame.


“The Belgian peacekeepers murdered twenty-five years ago this morning. Captain Mbaye Diagne from Senegal who saved so many lives. Tonia Locatelli, killed in 1992 for telling the truth of what was to come,”


“Other people around the world also stood up and made a difference.Ambassador Karel Kovanda from the Czech Republic joined colleagues from New Zealand and Nigeria to call for action to stop the Genocide, despite the indifference of more powerful states,” he said.


“We claim no special place, but we have a place to claim. The fighting spirit is alive in us. What happened here will never happen again” he said.


Kagame called on the world community to prevent genocide in their countries by eliminating a recipe for it by taking a leaf from Rwanda’s experience by resisting against people who trade divisionism and hatred under the guise of democracy.


“Our prayer is for no other people to ever endure the same tribulations, especially our brothers and sisters in Africa.Never accept it. Confront the apostles of division and hatred who masquerade as saviours and democrats,” said Kagame.


“Our commonalities are always infinitely greater than our differences. No society is above any other, much less immune to fragility. In the end, the only conclusion to draw from Rwanda’s story is profound hope for our world” he added.


Drawing memories of Rwanda’s genocide history Kagame said: “The decimation of Rwanda was more absolute than any known weapon of mass destruction. Not only bodies were destroyed, but the very idea of Rwanda itself. That shows the ferocious power of human sentiments and designs”.


Kagame thanked perptrators’ role in reconciliation and unity Rwanda enjoys today.


“Those among us who perpetrated the Genocide, or stood by passively, are also part of our nation. The willingness, in a number of cases, to tell the truth, pay the price, and re-join the community, is an important contribution, he said.


“The witness of perpetrators is irrefutable proof, if any was still needed, that genocide happened. Genocide hibernates as denial. Both before the killing and after, there is a long chain of events which are interconnected,” he added.


On why Rwandans must remember the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, the State Minister for the East African Community Affairs, Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe said:


“We remember under the theme “remember, unite, renew”. We remember the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi. We unite as a people with the same culture and history. And, we renew in a resolve to speed up our economic transformation to reach faster our economic goals”.

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