Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

Rwanda’s First Family to donate towards ConnectRwanda

Members of Rwanda’s First Family in a group photo in July 2019 (PHOTO/Courtesy)

By George Kalisa

President Paul Kagame has said that his family accepted to donate towards the Connect Rwanda initiative that aims at connecting Rwandan households as part of the government’s broad programme to improve livelihoods. Kagame holds strong opinion that smartphones can go a long way in helping Rwandans fulfill their potential.  

Madam Jeannette Kagame donated 27 while Ivan Cyomoro Kagame gave 23 according to the President.

“Thank you to my family for accepting my challenge to play your part to #ConnectRwanda & donating @MaraPhones: Jeannette donated: 27 & my children: Ivan:23, @AngeKagame&Bertrand:15, Ian:15, Brian(with money saved from his internship):5, Jeannette’s niece, Nana(still in university):3” President Paul Kagame said through a tweet early December24.

Mrs Kagame had earlier pledged 100 Mara Phones on behalf of Imbuto Foundation. Aside from providing a holistic approach to HIV prevention and care for the whole family through her organisation, H.E Jeannette Kagame oversees several initiatives under health, education, youth and economic empowerment.  

The smartphones will be given to households in the low income bracket that will be unconnected by 2020.   

Hardly two days ago had President Kagame pledged to donate 1,500 made-in-Rwanda Mara phones.  

“I am happy to support the #ConnectRwanda challenge with a pledge of 1500 Made-in-Rwanda @MaraPhones. Smartphones should not be a luxury item. Let’s challenge ourselves to make smartphones an everyday tool enabling all Rwandans to fulfill their potential,” said Kagame.

Several oraganisations and individuals have pledged towards the Connect Rwanda with MTN Rwanda pledging 1000 Mara Phones and Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi MTN CEO 100 smartphones counted on her own purse.

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