Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

Singer Cécile Kayirebwa to receive an Award of Excellence for promoting Rwandan culture

Singer Cecile Kayirebwa (PHOTO/Net)

By George Kalisa

Agence KARIBU asbl  in partnership with Bwiza Media Ltd on Sunday announced that veteran songstress Cécile Kayirebwa will be given an Award of Excellence during a music gala dubbed Ikirenga mu Bahanzi on March8 at Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village (KCEV) in the capital Kigali.

Merchiore Kayiranga, the Coordinator and Public relations Officer of Indongozi mu Bahanzi has said that the music gala the first of its kind will bring together at least seven Rwandan artistes of exclusively Rwandan traditional songs and dance.

“We shall annually be recognizing one Rwandan singer for their efforts to use Rwandan traditional music and dance to preserve and promote the Rwandan culture within and outside Rwanda,” said Kayiranga during a presser at Karisimbi Hotel in Kigali today.

On his part Lt. Col. Gerard Nyirimanzi a renowned researcher on Rwanda’s History said that songs, poems and dance are some of the impeccable sources of history, adding that the Award of Excellence launched this year is a token of appreciation meant to recognize Rwandan singers that have preserved and promoted Rwandan culture.

“Cécile Kayirebwa will be the first one to receive this kind of award for her selfless efforts, creativity and innovations in promoting Rwandan culture in her songs, but also other Rwandan singers of traditional music and dance will get it in the succeeding annual editions,” observed Nyirimanzi.

Other Rwandan singers that will perform in the music gala organized on International Women’s Day include: Maria Yohana, Muyango, Man Martin, Jules Sentore, Clarisse Karasira and Ibihame.

Nyirimanzi said that songs are effective avenues for teaching culture of a nation and their history as well as entertaining the citizens.

Merchiore Kayiranga and Lt.Col. Gerard Nyirimanzi (PHOTO/Courtesy)

He added that Rwandans are highly indebted to Rwandan singers who have displayed excellence in promoting Rwandan culture through the creative industry.  

Cécile Kayirebwa is a Rwandan singer living and working in Belgium and came to the international limelight for singing Rwandan traditional songs which tell a lot about Rwanda. She is a founding member of the Rwanda Song and Dance Circle that dates back in 1961. She is known for songs like Mundeke Mbaririmbire, Tarihinda, Ubumanzi, Urubamby’Ingwe and many others.

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