Tue. May 18th, 2021

CORONAVIRUS cases rise to 50 in Rwanda

By Our Reporter

Rwanda’s number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19 has climbed from 41 to 50 today, the Ministry of Health has announced.

Seven out of the nine cases identified were imported from overseas while the other two had physical contact with people who later tested positive for COVID-19 now living in designated quarantine locations.   

The five are travellers that arrived from Dubai while two were from the United States and Holland all of whom were isolated in quarantine facilities.

The two contacted COVID-19 through contact with people who later tested positive for Conoravirus.

Symptoms of this deadly disease according to medics include: dry cough, high body temperatures (fever) and shortness of breath.

The Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) has to this effect provided a toll-free number 114 (or *114#) for anyone who experiences any of these symptoms for automated screening. They can also email:callcentre@rbc.gov.rw or send a whatsApp message on +250788202080 or contact a nearby medical professional.     

Aside from a nationwide lockdown, Rwanda has suspended public transport including services by buses, motorcycle taxis and human traffic (pedestrians) unless deemed very necessary.

Thus, all residents are required to stay at home for an initial period of 14 days, effective March21, and unnecessary movements and visits, currently seen as unsafe, are prohibited, save “for essential services such as food shopping, banking, healthcare and for the personnel performing such services”.

Public servants are encouraged to work from home.

But, trucks of food items and cargo are noted affected by the government directives. The other vehicles allowed are those involved in delivery of essential services such as security, health, water, electricity among others.

Social gatherings are prohibited as well as markets, bars and shops, except those selling essential items like fuel, medicine, hygiene and cleaning products like pharmacies.  

Places of worship, entertainment and games, schools and universities were altogether closed in time.  

Citizens are encouraged to keep a social distance of about one metre from one another alongside washing their hands with soap and disinfection.  

The authorities in Kigali also agreed on screening and mandatory quarantine for all travellers, facilitation of goods and services in the region as well as information sharing. Make an alarm if you find anyone behaving recklessly, is a call to everyone.  

Related to this is the closure of borders “except for goods and cargo and returning Rwandan citizens and legal residents who will be subject to mandatory 14-day quarantine at designated locations” reads the directive.

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