Tue. May 18th, 2021

Col. Byabagamba to be arraigned before military courts, again

Col. Tom Byabagamba (PHOTO/Net)

By George Kalisa

Rwanda Defence Force on April9 said that they will arraign Colonel Tom Byabagamba before the military courts following additional criminal charges leveled against committed while in detention. The Statement available of the official website of RDF says Col. Byabagamba is suspected of corruption related crimes and attempt to escape from jail.

“The Rwanda Defense Force will arraign Colonel Tom BYABAGAMBA before military courts for additional charges committed while in detention. Col Byabagamba is suspected of criminal activities related to attempt to commit corruption and attempt to escape from a prison,” reads the statement.

Investigations into the alleged crimes are ongoing, said RDF.  

“Suspected criminal activities committed by Colonel Tom BYABAGAMBA and his inside and outside accomplices are being thoroughly investigated,” added the statement.

Col Tom Byabagamba was arrested on August 24, 2014. On 27 December 2019, the Court of Appeal sentenced him to an imprisonment of 15 years and stripping off his military ranks.

He was found guilty of inciting insurrection or trouble amongst the population; tarnishing, as a leader, the image of the country or Government; wilfully concealing objects that would facilitate the execution of a crime; and contempt of the national flag.

By the same communiqué, the RDF reassures the public that “justice will take its course and will not tolerate any person who violates the law and RDF ethics and values”.

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