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Sugar Coated Dad


Chapter Two

Mystery of Two Virgins

When Mbabazi and Kabatesi completed Primary education at Kacyiru Primary school they both joined Nyabisindu High School for their Secondary education. In their form six, they joined the company of bad girls. At school a few big girls had stylish mobile phones that were only switched on when everybody has gone to bed.

A group of about five girls from senior three would escape from school and visit Musafiri Mutokambali secretly on weekends. The girls called him Musa.

He lived in Nyakabanda zone in Remera. Musa was, indeed, a hunk visibly in his late forties and a big wallet largely defined his lifestyle; it attracted adoration. Young, quite innocent girls streamed to his house to his neighbours’ amazement.       

Asoumpta Mushikiwabo was the ring leader. She was Mbabazi’s and Kabatesi’s cousin sister their dad had introduced to them three years ago.  Asoumpta was the first daughter of Dogo. She would ‘peep’ Musa’s mobile number at bedtime and Musa would instantly call her. Soon, word went around that Musa had bought the mobile phones for these girls.

On the weekends when the girls visited Musa, they would meet men of Musa’s age. Clad in sporty wears, they spoke American English with accent that evoked admiration of the young girls and pretended to be on a summer holiday.

Indeed, some boasted of loaded wallets and the poor girls could not doubt what they claimed to be. They did a hell of things together. Right from Friday they would hang out in upscale places with these men. Republika and B-Club were some of the places that they frequented. At night, they would go clubbing at New Cadillac and Black and White.

“Waz up guys?” the men asked in chorus. 

“Nothing much everything is kawa; save I have brought you da badest babes in town,” said Asoumpta in a silky voice.

“How have you managed to get permission to leave school on a Thursday?”

“Man, don’t be dat crazy, meet my friends, Fannie and Julie,”



“We gonna have lunch downtown and perhaps make our proggies from there,” Musa said.

“I am gonna have a leak,” Asoumpta said.

Asoumpta slapped the washroom door behind her back. In a moment, Musa had followed her to the loos.

“Guys! Lend me your ears. As to where we gonna have lunch is debatable; but da club isn’t,” said Asoumpta.

“What do you have in mind?” Mbabazi asked.

“Of course, Club Planet is the place to go tonight,” Asoumpta said.

Musa’s bedroom doubled as a dressing room where these gals would change dresses whenever they visited him. Some of their stylish dresses, ornaments and caps were kept in a mahogany wardrobe in there. Musa made sure all types of perfume brands under the sky were in abundance in his house.


Please act now to save lives threatened by ignorance

The author requests stakeholders in education and fields of advocacy for children’s and women’s rights to generously contribute towards the publication of this resourceful fictional novel, titled “Sugar Coated Dad”.

The author tactfully and richly employs story-telling skills to tap into the moderns society to show the alarming levels of permissiveness and immorality among school children as the number of horny elderly men called sugar daddies that lure them into early sex grows annually.

The story of the three school girls and three elderly rich men – the main characters – of the novel explicitly explores the real trends of moral decadence mostly among adolescent schoolgirls and sugar daddies. The novel, thus, provides lessons to girls that have not yet fallen prey to sugar daddies as well as creating mass awareness on the sex relationships between adolescent girls and adult men as a violation of children’s rights.  

For more information call (+250)785022003 or write to: gkssebuggwawo@gmail.com

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