Tue. May 18th, 2021

Sugar Coated Dad


Chapter Two: Mystery of Two Virgins

The hosts sat in astonishment in the sitting room for hours. What they thought would be a very simple task took the girls hardly two hours to accomplish. As they resurfaced, they arrested the attention of the guys who responded by nodding their heads in appreciation of the beauties in their sight. Some music was buzzing from the ceiling where Musa had placed the loudspeaker. At the end of it all the men were treated to a beauty pageant in a perfume-saturated room.           

Asoumpta wore tight blue jeans that left nothing to imagine about her body make-up with a see-through black top without a bra that left her big boobs peeping. She wore a blue trilby hat on her head with dark glasses. A dazzling babe she looked, indeed. At irregular intervals, Musa and Gakuru gave the gals admiring glances though they remained dumbfounded for a while.

“So you guys what are you up to?” Asoumpta asked breaking the silence.

“Yeah, …ummm; I was just about to ask you the same question. So …okay, don’t you think we should …” Musa said rubbing his hands forward and backward against his shinny bald head.         

Suddenly, someone rapped at the door and instantly silence descended the room. Musa gathered some guts and marched towards the door. Cagily, he rolled aside the curtains to see through a crack that had developed in the wooden door. Calm returned to the room when he realized that it was this driver he always hired.

“Karibu Beriberi, you scared us to near death; everybody in this room; why do you knock at the door like you have just come back from Darfur,” Musa charged, “and, get it from me Beri, whenever I call you, flash me as soon as you have parked the car”.

So dumbfounded he was that he remained silent for a couple of minutes. Whatever his eyes fed on was strange and unexpected in this stuffy and perfume-saturated room. Beri gathered courage and stretched his right arm with lots of efforts to greet the girls. Kabatesi and Mbabazi looked so cute; their eyes sparkled with life and promise. 

He took a long breath. Then, he asked for pardon in a faint voice 

“Guys we go,” Asoumpta said.

They ducked into a waiting white Toyota Carina 2000/01. In a moment, Beri had started the engine. First stopover was at the Republika Pub in Kiyuvu Upper, downtown. They dinned and wined. It stroke seven o’clock. More patrons were trickling in and the sound of the music was deafening. Asoumpta and her friends were already tipsy. Most patrons and revellers gazed at the group endlessly and their faces frowned in surprise and disappointment. Others were convinced without a shadow of doubt that the young cutes were school girls enjoying the company of sugar dads. However, some horny men kept on winking at them, mistaking them for nomad harlots that sleep with highest bidder.  


Please act now to save lives threatened by ignorance

The author requests stakeholders in education and fields of advocacy for children’s and women’s rights to generously contribute towards the publication of this resourceful fictional novel, titled “Sugar Coated Dad”.

The author tactfully and richly employs story-telling skills to tap into the modern society to show the alarming levels of permissiveness and immorality among school children as the number of horny elderly men called sugar daddies that lure them into early sex grows annually.

The story of the three school girls and three elderly rich men – the main characters – of the novel explicitly explores the real trends of moral decadence mostly among adolescent schoolgirls and sugar daddies. The novel, thus, provides lessons to girls that have not yet fallen prey to sugar daddies as well as creating mass awareness on the sex relationships between adolescent girls and adult men as a violation of children’s rights.  

For more information call (+250)785022003 or write to: gkssebuggwawo@gmail.com

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