Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Rwanda celebrates 26th anniversary of Liberation, Kagame reiterates safety for all

H.E President Paul Kagame touring multi-billion infrastructure projects in Nyagatare District during the 26th anniversary of Rwanda’s liberation (PHOTO/Courtesy)

By George Kalisa

President Paul Kagame has today said that the new Rwanda is always prepared to protect the lives of all Rwandans and accomplishments registered during the last 26 years of liberation.

Kagame assured Rwandans that the COVID-19 pandemic that is a test on preparedness against challenges along the continuous liberation journey will be defeated the way other problems that defined Rwanda 26 years ago including politics of greed, hate and division were defeated.

“We always stand ready to protect Rwandans and what we’ve achieved,” said Kagame during the national celebrations of the 26th anniversary of Liberation known as Kwibohora held in Tabagwe Sector, Nyagatare District in the Eastern Province.

Liberation Day is held every July4, marking the day the Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) under the command of Gen. Paul Kagame stopped the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Over one million Tutsi were killed in the space of 100 days and the economy was shattered beyond recovery.

“This is the same way we should fight COVID-19 and defeat it. The pandemic is a test for us. The way we address it shows our level of preparedness against anything that attempts to disrupt our lives and progress,” said Kagame.

“This is really another struggle that we must win, so that we can continue on the path we’ve chosen,” added Kagame.  

The President said that success in the fight against the novel Coronavirus, that has affected the entire world, will depend on the right strategies, actions and citizens’ mindset.

After 26 years, Kagame said Rwandans were proud to have managed to build a new and better country that all deserve.

He, thus, called on all Rwandan citizens, especially the youth to continue on the path they are treading in unison.

“(…) all of us together, men and women of all ages, but especially the young Rwandans in whose hands lies our future”.

As part of the activities to mark this year’s celebration, President Kagame presided over the inauguration of multi-billion infrastructure projects, including the Gishuro IDP Model Village that will accommodate 64 households, Tabagwe Mixed Secondary School and Tabagwe Health Centre and an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre.

Construction of the development infrastructure, which the President said will enable citizens to access services in their communities were constructed by Rwanda Defense Force, Ministry of Defense and other government institutions under the Citizen Outreach Programme.

“They aim to improve the livelihoods and uphold the dignity of every Rwandan,” observed Kagame.

Similar projects have been inaugurated in all parts of the country.

Through the Citizens Outreach Programme,14 model villages in 2019-20 which benefiting 318 families, 286 housing units for Genocide survivors sheltering 561 families, 20 bridges across eight districts and over 400Km of roads across 15 districts, have been gained year2019-2020.

Similar projects have been inaugurated in all parts of the country.

The President stressed that the values that underlie the country’s liberation and the gains being celebrated today are still important, which include pursuit of a common good other than individual benefits.

“Those in public service should understand that they serve all Rwandans and are accountable,” said President Kagame, reminding them to abide by the law.

“Public resources must not be mismanaged or embezzled,” he added.

Rwanda still committed to contributing towards continued liberation of Africa

President Kagame also acknowledged that Rwandans share the continuous journey of liberation with fellow Africans, adding that Africans have everything they need to build the Africa they want.

“Everything we need to complete this journey, and take Africa where we want it to be, is in our hands,” observed Kagame, “Rwanda will continue to contribute to the liberation of our continent”.

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