Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Sugar Coated Dad

Chapter Two: Mystery of Two Virgins


As for the rest, they were getting on well. It stroke midnight. All the girls, with the exception of Kabatesi, were in high spirits and too eager to go for the dance. In a chorus, they all agreed to go to Planet night club.

In a flush, the car had started cruising through the sharp bends of the smooth and wide roads of Kiyovu. Gakuru parked the car at SOPETRAD to refill the fuel tank. Asoumpta gazed endlessly at the ‘lions’ (the five thousand notes) as Gakuru paid for the fuel.

At Planet Club, the three men put their heads together on the advice of Gakuru to make sure their lovebirds enter the club without attracting any stranger’s attention. They unanimously agreed to give the bouncer one ‘lion’, as they fondly called a five thousand Rwandan francs note. Gakuru always had his head screwed on right. Kigali’s lions are on a high demand. The bouncer didn’t have any trouble with the lion. Badman as the club fans had pet named Gakuru just smiled back. He was a bulky dude who was friendly to all revellers who came to the club, especially those that subscribed to the club of the have and common figures. Musa, Rebero and Gakuru belonged to both categories.

“Man, enjoy yourselves and let them make the Club their second home too,” Badman said as he pointed his right index figure and mouth to the babes. In a chorus; they all giggled as they got absorbed by the club’s crowd, the patrons. Enchanted.    

Too congested and busy was the club. Then, the night had advanced, but the music and vigour in there could not allow the gals to look at their watches. At three o’clock, Musa had decided they go home. He met pungent resistance from the gals. Annoying them would be the worst decision they would make in the twenty first century they thought to themselves. They agreed to allow them another hour; soccer fans call it ‘an extra time’ as they assured them of ‘better times’ ahead.

Little did the two young virgins know that they headed for trouble, in more specific words ‘a surgery operation’ because hotel rooms became makeshift operating theatres. None of them was sober, either. Gakuru and Rebero held the two virgin sisters hand in hand with the other arms tightly around them as they left the club. Rebero was a composed man in his fifties whose name was famous in the business circles. The next destination was Chez Bicoco Guest House at Remera-Giporoso. They checked in at around four thirty in the morning. The following day, the trio left them in the lodge with promises of bringing them money at lunch time.


Please act now to save lives threatened by ignorance

The author requests stakeholders in education and fields of advocacy for children’s and women’s rights to generously contribute towards the publication of this resourceful fictional novel, titled “Sugar Coated Dad”.

The author tactfully and richly employs story-telling skills to tap into the modern society to show the alarming levels of permissiveness and immorality among school children as the number of horny elderly men called sugar daddies that lure them into early sex grows annually.

The story of the three school girls and three elderly rich men – the main characters – of the novel explicitly explores the real trends of moral decadence mostly among adolescent schoolgirls and sugar daddies. The novel, thus, provides lessons to girls that have not yet fallen prey to sugar daddies as well as creating mass awareness on the sex relationships between adolescent girls and adult men as a violation of children’s rights.   For more information call (+250)785022003 or write to: gkssebuggwawo@gmail.com

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