Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Sugar Coated Dad

Chapter Two: Mystery of Two Virgins


Before these guys resurfaced, a ceaseless row had erupted. They blamed one another for connivance. Their stories were similar in many ways, save Mbabazi and Kabatesi who were copiously bleeding. As usual, Asoumpta assured them bliss when their sugar dads come back. 

Shortly after one o’clock, the men stormed the lodge with obvious relish. Each one of them rushed to their rooms. By then, Mbabazi was having a shower. So, when Rebero entered the room, he was welcomed by a messy bed with blood stained bed sheets staring at him. “Am quite sorry for this minor….but what can a man reverse now,” he talked to himself, his face frowning as he struggled to suppress the fiery guilty percolating through has marrows.    

He ran headlong to room 102, where Musa and Asoumpta were the only occupants. He screamed at the top of his voice.

“What’s da problem guys?” Musa roared. In a moment, tens of people had shot to the scene to try to rescue the man. Rebero kept mum. Everybody asked him including the manager of the lodge but in vain. He remained speechless for a while. Musa persuaded the bystanders who were mostly the lodge staff to give them time and establish what was happening with his own brother.

“I personally know him and he’s my real brother; I guess this is part of his usual comedies. Indeed, he’s a funny man,”        

Musa led him to his room and tried to invoke him to speak.

“Guy why do you behave like that, tell me now, what has gone wrong with you?”

“My babe is missing and…,” Rebero whispered.

“Cool man, she is in the showers; my sweetheart has just joined her,” said Musa.

“I thought she had gone to the police, you know she is bleeding terribly”

“Is it serious, why?”

“Musa, you know what, I hate you for asking obvious questions”

“How obvious?”

“You mean you don’t know what causes bleeding among girls”

“Of course I know …it’s the periods”

“Musa… Mu…I will tell you. I am gonna check the room again, perhaps they are now done”

“Oh! Mbabazi, you mean you have just had a cold shower?” When Mbabazi saw him, tears cascaded down her cheeks and a forlorn child she was. She had wrapped herself with a big dotted towel that covered her down the ankle level. She was tinny and skinny and had just turned sixteen.


Please act now to save lives threatened by ignorance

The author requests stakeholders in education and fields of advocacy for children’s and women’s rights to generously contribute towards the publication of this resourceful fictional novel, titled “Sugar Coated Dad”.

The author tactfully and richly employs story-telling skills to tap into the modern society to show the alarming levels of permissiveness and immorality among school children as the number of horny elderly men called sugar daddies that lure them into early sex grows annually.

The story of the three school girls and three elderly rich men – the main characters – of the novel explicitly explores the real trends of moral decadence mostly among adolescent schoolgirls and sugar daddies. The novel, thus, provides lessons to girls that have not yet fallen prey to sugar daddies as well as creating mass awareness on the sex relationships between adolescent girls and adult men as a violation of children’s rights.   For more information call (+250)785022003 or write to: gkssebuggwawo@gmail.com

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