Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

ADEPR’s Shekinah Choir gives Rwf 1.8 Million to support Ministry in Gicumbi

It was merry and joy as Shekinah Choir from ADEPR Rwimbogo in Kigali donated Rwf 1.8 million

to Hindukira Choir in Rutare Parish, Gicumbi district. The support was announced during a

fundraising concert at Rutare parish on Sunday 22 September, 2019 where Shekinah Choir had gone

to minister.

Ernest Nyetera(Managing Director Light Magazine) and one of the Leaders of Shekinah Choir calculating money before handing it over to Hindura Choir

What came as a surprise is that the host Hindukira choir at Kijonjo Chapel in Rutare Parish had

budgeted for Rwf 3 million meant to buy musical instruments for their choir but as if God had

prepared a miracle, the visiting Choir- Shekinah through its ministering , the fundraising raised Rwf

3.8 million.

Members of Shekinah Choir Singing  during the Concert. Their songs ministered in Holy Spirit moved the Congregation( Eric Nzabirinda)

Philipe Sibomana, the Pastor for ADEPR Rutare Parish in Gicumbi district said that Shekinah’s good

gesture was God’s Hand that was working in them to support the ministry, adding that it has been

ADEPR’s culture to support each other.

“I want to thank Shekinah for the support, we were not expecting this, we organised this concert so

that we can ask people to support us, but this Choir (Shekinah has done it and even exceeded the

money we wanted,” he said.

Sibonana said that the ministry work for Shekinah is in the right path with the scripture that asks

Christian to work for the kingdom of God when it is day since darkness is soon and one will not be

able to work.

“We are overwhelmed by the support Shekinah Choir has given to us, we have been for this and I

thank God that he has had our prayers through this choir,” said Jean Bosco Minani, Vice President for

Hindukira Choir at Kijonjo Chapel, Rutare parish.

Philipe Sibomana(First Left), Pastor for Rutare Parish in Gicumbi where the Concert  was held together with other invitwed guests and church leaders.

The support is part of Shekinah Choir’s focus in its ministry where apart from singing and

ministering, it also provides financial support towards building the kingdom of God which involves

supporting ministry activities, financial support to the needy and other outreach services.

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