Sat. Jul 4th, 2020

New Tam Tam Beach on fire

It was a Saturday, the day I was supposed to conclude my tour of Rwanda’s resort city, Rubavu. Then, I strolled down Lake Kivu’s shores, went past Lake Kivu Serena Hotel. At the moment my music instinct was guiding my feet.

At a distance of about one kilometer, I could hear the music with no single idea where it was emanating from. With strong faith, I trailed the road to BRALIRWA’s home. Just a few minutes after crossing River Sebeya I saw swarms of party animals scrambling for tickets at a gate, which was more or less like a quarter guard of one of Napoleon’s barracks. The buzzing music there, heavy traffic and thirst to reach the place were reasons I missed a closer look at the manicured football pitch just opposite this New Tam Tam BIKINI beach.  

With a simple metallic barat whose end was a small entrance like one going to Heaven. The gate was the direct opposite of the life I found at the beach. Save for the throngs of fans I found at this gate, for sure its appearance would stop me from proceeding.

Actually, my experience in there became memorable. So blissful the place was that my soul and emotions had a heated debate as to whether I should leave before eleven at night or much earlier. My emotions won the battle.

Bumlious ladies, the pencil-like and all tribes of beauties provided a rare balance diet for my optic nutrition. Was this a United Nations venue? I asked myself. Patrons from nearly all nations were present with the Congolese commanding a huge majority. For their big number Lingala music dominated the day and the Congolese people took to the occasion to showcase the Congolese art and dancing strokes as if they were blood relatives of Awilo Longomba or children of Koffi Alomide.

Aside from the Beach’s cuisine that is rightfully defined by three adjective

[qualitative, abundant and plentiful]

all tribes of drinks were present ranging from BRALIRWA products to international brands. Patrons wined and dined as if there was no tomorrow. With the Lake Kivu breezes blowing towards the beach the atmosphere was naturally reconditioned and gave the right treatment to the beach fans already sweating profusely.

Others took boat rides into Africa’s Lake with the fleshiest waters. The highly skilled boat drivers and life savers were as busy as a surgeon in action to ensure that all clients get the best of their monies as several pairs were enjoying sexy rolling in the sand, others played hide and seek sort of games in the waters.

Shockingly, some fans could win a swimming contest with the marine animals, fish included, given a chance. It was a Saturday of talent show and a moment to celebrate life at the beach,which is itching to become the region’s best tourism destination. 

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