Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

Rwanda’s Tourism sector somersaults forward through inking a partnership with Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) Partnership leaders (PHOTO/Courtesy)

By George Kalisa

Again, Rwanda has continued to attract more tourism revenues by making new partnerships with renowned global football clubs as part of her strategic collaborations based on creativity and innovations.

The country formerly known for the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi massively invests tourism revenues a trend that has made the sector the leading foreign exchange earner in the fast growing economy.

Clare Akamanzi , CEO of Rwanda Development Board (RDB) made the remarks December4 following a new partnership that Rwanda has entered with Paris Saint-Germain. This is the second club Rwanda attracts after a three-year partnership with Arsenal FC inked in 2018 where Rwandan footballers benefit from clinic coaches among others.

“In the last twenty-five years, Rwanda has transformed from a nation known for tragedy to one vibrating with creativity and innovation,” observed Akamanzi.

She added: “We invest part of our tourism revenues in strategic collaborations such as the one with Paris Saint-Germain because we understand the positive effect they have on the overall perception of the country globally”.

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, commonly referred to as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is a French professional football club based in Paris. Founded in 1970, the club has traditionally worn red and blue kits.

Both Rwanda and Paris Saint-Germain will benefit from this latest partnership.  

“Rwanda and Paris Saint-Germain will bring together their expertise through a new model of sport partnership built around three main cornerstones: cultural and artistic synergies, a shared commitment to excellence and football development,” said a statement released by RDB that oversees the Tourism sector.

“Rwanda’s long-term vision aligns with PSG’s commitment to the younger generation, reflected in their massive global appeal as the youngest major European club, home to many of today and tomorrow’s greatest footballing talents, a pioneer for fashion and lifestyle in football, and a hotbed for ground-breaking experiences” added the statement.

First team players and legends will travel to Rwanda for remarkable experiences that will be shared with more than 70 million PSG fans across the globe.

Visit Rwanda branding will be displayed at the Parc des Princes Stadium, on the sleeve of Paris Saint-Germain women’s team, and on the back of training kits.

PSG fans will also be given the opportunity to savour award-winning Rwandan tea and coffee that will be served exclusively at the Parc des Princes starting next season. 

Marc Armstrong, Chief Partnership Officer welcomed Rwanda into the Paris Saint-Germain family and explained why it is a win-win partnership.    

“We are delighted to welcome Rwanda into the Paris Saint-Germain family. With this partnership, we will deepen our engagement with fans in Africa. This multifaceted collaboration will showcase all Rwanda has to offer and create powerful partnerships to contribute to Rwanda’s impressive growth,” said Armstrong.

“Having spent time getting to know the country, and its people, we are incredibly excited about the opportunity to create a platform for exchange between Rwanda, France and the rest of the world,” he added.

The Paris Saint-Germain community and the world will have a unique opportunity to experience Rwanda’s breath-taking beauty, creative culture and innovative environment.

Other benefits include modern and distinctive Made in Rwanda products through unprecedented and creative communications.

Also the partnership will “convey Rwanda’s openness to welcome business partnerships from France and across the world”.

Today, 142,000 Rwandans are directly employed in the tourism industry, up from 90,000 in 2017.

Last year Rwanda received 1.7 million visitors to the country and we expect more this year besides registering a record $2 billion in investments and we are confident that the partnership will boost more investments. 

“We look forward to the opportunity for business and creative exchanges between the Paris Saint-Germain community and Rwanda. We cannot wait for Paris Saint-Germain fans to get to know today’s Rwanda – an ambitious, modern country that has much to offer the world,” RDB said in a statement.   

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