Tue. May 18th, 2021

Teachers’ role crucial to fast tracking Vision 2050 – Education Minister

Education Minister Dr. Eugene Mutimura (Centre) and teachers [Intore] pose for a group photo during the closing ceremony of the training today (PHOTO/Courtesy)

By Our Reporter

Rwanda’s Education Minister, Dr. Eugene Mutimura has today said that the government counts on their contribution as crucial to achieving its ambitious development programme dubbed Vision 2050.  

Mutimura said that the teachers were expected to pass on the values acquired from the Itorero

[traditional school of values]

to the students in order to produce citizens with Rwandan cultural values, and who are capable of tracking the development trajectory of the country.

“We’re hopeful that you will contribute to the development of education through providing holistic education to Rwandan students and the government of Rwanda looks forward to your contribution as it sets off for Vision 2050”,  Dr. Mutimura remarked while presiding over the closing ceremony of the training of teachers [Intore] in Nyanza District, Southern Province.   

The training was attended by some 1,623 Secondary teachers mostly of History from across the country.

Dr. Mutimura said that he is optimistic that with the knowledge they gained they will be better teachers of the History of Rwanda in their respective schools.

Besides History the teachers trained in several skills including Rwandan traditional dance and elementary military drills such as marching and parade.    

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