Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

Cooperation is a potential remedy to problems that threaten the entire humanity – PM Modi

By George Kalisa

India’s Prime Minister and leader of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Narendra Modi, said while addressing world leaders that creation of the new world order that utterly focused on how to prevent the First and Second World Wars was an oversight because it overshadowed the need to prevent the reoccurrence of catastrophes that threaten humanity.

Modi said that there’s need to create new structures that can potentially address “the most challenging issues facing the global community” because the prospect of violence is ever-present despite of the presence of the world order.

“In fact while humanity has not faced the Third World War, the threat of violence has not reduced in people’s lives. With a number of proxy wars and unending terror attacks, the prospect of violence is ever present,” remarked Modi.

He partly apportioned blame of the current humanity crisis on the age of competition that has eclipsed the spirit of cooperation.

“I’m sure that if our thinking has been along such lines, very different solutions would have emerged,” observed on April13, 2021during the 6th edition of the Raisina Dialogue held in a virtual format.

Modi noted that after the end of the Second World War many structures and institutions were created under the shadow of the two wars they were aimed at answering only one question – “How to prevent the Third World War?”

The Indian leader called on world leaders to reorient their thinking and bury under the carpet the mistakes and misdeeds that took centre stage in the past seven decades, and reshape the world order.

He said that the Covid-19 pandemic has presented an opportunity to “create systems that addresses the problems of today and challenges of tomorrow”. 

 “And we must think of the entire humanity and not merely of those who are on our side of the borders. Humanity as a whole must be at the center of our thinking and action,” added the Premier.

The Indian administration has done whatever it could take to protect more than 1.3 billion citizens from the pandemic, but also demonstrated the spirit of cooperation to assist other communities beyond India with the limited resources.

In spite of the presence of the world order millions of people across the globe continue to face calamities like proxy wars, diseases and hunger. 

India tried to support the pandemic response efforts of others by encouraging coordinated regional response to the crisis in their neighborhood.

Last year, India shared medicines and protective equipment with over a hundred and fifty countries.

This year despite many constraints, India has supplied vaccine to over 80 countries from different continents including Africa.

Modi reiterated his country’s commitment to continue sharing their experiences, expertise and resources with the entire Humanity in the fight against the pandemic, and building hope to all citizens of the world regardless of their economic status.

He called upon world leaders to emerge as a powerful voice for a human centric approach.

He thanked Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame, the Prime Minister of Denmark and the Prime Minister of Australia and the President of the European Council for their valuable presence.  

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