Tue. May 18th, 2021

Sugar Coated Dad

Umubyeyi Fifi and Munyakazi Fideli tying the knot  Kabgayi Diocese in Muhanga District

Chapter One: Seeing is Believing


Though she was expectant, the poor woman would walk all day long in the Kacyiru suburb and the nearby suburbs. Sometimes, she would be seen hoofing in the downtown streets of Kigali.

Hardly had five months passed since they had moved to their two-room house in Kabagali when she gave birth to a baby girl. She was named after her maternal aunt, Julie Kabatesi who died in the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.   

By then, Kanye had taken to drinking and very often he would come back home in the wee hours of the morning. He never cared whether his children received education or not. Fifi had shouldered all the family responsibilities ranging from paying rent to meals, from education to clothing.

Mbabazi and Kabatesi were always seen hanging out in the company of men in the ghettos that Kabagali slum hosted. Indeed, their completion of Primary education came as shock.  The neighbours and whoever knew the young girls could not believe their ears when news about their performance had spread like a bush fire.

TO BE CONTINUED…                    

Please act now to save lives threatened by ignorance

The author requests stakeholders in education and fields of advocacy for children’s and women’s rights to generously contribute towards the publication of this resourceful fictional novel, titled “Sugar Coated Dad”.

The author tactfully and richly employs story-telling skills to tap into the modern society to show the alarming levels of permissiveness and immorality among school children as the number of horny elderly men called sugar daddies that lure them into early sex grows annually.

The story of the three school girls and three elderly rich men – the main characters – of the novel explicitly explores the real trends of moral decadence mostly among adolescent schoolgirls and sugar daddies. The novel, thus, provides lessons to girls that have not yet fallen prey to sugar daddies as well as creating mass awareness on the sex relationships between adolescent girls and adult men as a violation of children’s rights.  

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