Tue. May 18th, 2021

East Africa hosts BlackLivesMatter protests

Protestors in Uganda’s capital, Kampala (PHOTO/Courtesy)

By George Kalisa

A handful of people today morning gathered along the 7th Street Industrial Area in Uganda’s capital, Kampala to express their anger and solidarity with African-Americans and against anti-Black violence globally.

George Floyd was a couple of days ago killed in cold blood at the hands of the police in Minneapolis through an 8.9 minute suffocation when a Police officer gravitated his weight at him lying horizontally with his face, belly tightly pressed on the road with tied hand at the back in the presence of three watching Police officers.

Some angry protestors, mainly whites, marching with placards carrying words denouncing the murder of Black-Americans have ended up facing arrests and have been picked up and bundled by the Ugandan Police.

Similar protests have been hosted in most European countries and a few African countries. In the USA, the Police have used excessive force including teargas and live ammunition to quell the demonstrations.

“Thousands of Americans have been arrested and detained in connection to the widespread protests staged to demand justice for the death of George Floyd, reporters have said.

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